Physics Lesson

Nothing is dual, nothing is black and white. It’s a wave that umbrellas both black and white.

At the most fundamental levels of matter we are not Here or There. We are a wave that umbrellas here and there.

This is why smart people are building quantum computers right now to solve increasingly unsolvable problems about the most basic, tiniest, un-understandably small bits and pieces—that define us and our bodies. These problems can’t simply be understood by a single True or False statement.


If the most fundamental bits and pieces that make up our existence do not conform to single black and white statements, then it is a very logical and straightforward conclusion that neither do our ideas.

Ignorance, is simply the tail end of knowledge, the absence of knowledge. An opposite of wisdom. And a part of existence that we must continue to patiently set our kindness towards in an effort to educate.

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