What’s your personality?

Take The Quiz Here

I’ve been telling people about the Enneagram quiz and have been promising people to pass the link along, so here it is.

Why take the test? The test is cool because it gives you an opportunity to look at yourself from the perspective of a psychologist. Like a mind that follows a pattern of behaviors.

I think that having this perspective of yourself is important so that you can understand why you tend to think the way that you do. Why should you care? Well, I don’t know, but I care because it gives me a good reference point about when to know if I’m centered or not centered.

So onto my type, I fall into the four category–the tragic romantic. Yes, yes, I know, tragic. And there is a super good description of the types available on this website:

The 9 Types



Scroll down on your type and read the section:

Type Four—Levels of Development

This section is broken up into 9 levels that describe how off-center you are from a healthy balance.



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