Equal Rights and Women

This is the story of a couple; Valeria and Tomas. They are out on a walk in the mountains when the topic of Equal Rights comes up. They are walking down a path frequented by the diversity of human life. They see odd looking people dressed in exotic looking clothing.

Just a minute ago they were passed by a jogging mom with a baby strapped to her back. And they wave politely at very put together looking couple walking by. Two beautiful children. The mom is proud to be with her man, her arm cuddled up close to his.

Valeria:  Can you imagine? How different the beliefs of the two women we just passed are?

Tomas: What do you mean?

Valeria: Like their beliefs about what is good for women.

Tomas: Oh no, I don’t want to get political right now.

Valeria: Just wait, I mean. Just think. For a second. Do you want to know the one thing they agree on?

Tomas: What?

Valeria: They agree on taking care of women. It’s very interesting that certain political organizations in the country see Equal Rights as a threat to women. I find it interesting because these people are on the same page as other groups that think that Equal Rights is a good thing for women.

Tomas: Wait, what? Really? Same page??

Valeria: Yes. They both want what’s best for women and family.

Tomas: That’s not true, you are wrong Valeria. They are fierce opponents. Don’t you understand, one side is strictly against things that are completely contrary to their beliefs. Don’t you understand that according to their beliefs things such as abortion or gay marriage or gender or anything other than what their Bible teaches is a shame on their creator? Don’t you understand that they believe it is their duty on earth to make sure that these things do not happen? That what they consider abominations will keep them from reaching heaven?

Valeria: I’m not talking about that Tomas. Just throw all that out the door and think about this: They want what’s best for women. They don’t want the line between male and female to be erased. These women believe that equal rights will make men and women the same. And that men and women will be made to, forced to, be the same.

Tomas: Can’t they see though? The reality?

Valeria: The reality of what?

Tomas: The reality of their fear, of being forced to be–the same, women and men. To be the same would be unsafe to women. To be the same.

Valeria: Yes being the same–a man and a woman. It is contradictory I suppose for obvious reasons, body parts and such. However, we differ. At a fundamental level. I don’t understand what being the same has to do with everything.

Tomas: Neither do I. I think what I meant to say is that I’m a man. And I know that there are different types of men out there. And hey you know, I can have my moments of aggression, but don’t group me into a broad category with men. Don’t group all women into the category of woman. No matter the law or belief, fundamentally, we are all part of a whole.

Valeria: But we are not according to those who oppose equal rights. To some extent they are right, in physics entropy increases, its one of the thermodynamic laws. A system will not tolerate order, it will always change until it reaches a state of maximum disorder.

Tomas: Ok Valeria can you explain that in human terms?

Valeria: To oppose equal rights is to oppose our very nature as organisms of this universe. We cannot be suppressed, we cannot be kept under constant pressure in a closed container. Yes, I can see how making women and men the same closes the container. But they must all also see that confining men and women to separate spaces or imposing their rules on all women also creates a closed container. Constant pressure plus closed container equals, kaboom.

Tomas: And so this will continue. One side pressing against the other. The common ground is in the explosion.

The physics explanation here might be off. An explosion will only occur when the pressure in a  container is increased beyond the capacity of the container and the container would explode. How do equal rights and entropy relate? I'll have to think 
on that and come back with an update to this thought later.