I Identify As Female

This is a work in progress Journal. Collaborative, please comment, if you feel compelled to.  


To me this statement means a lot. I've have put a lot of thought
 into what it means to be a woman, for me, to be a woman. I am 
 not an intruder into another world.  
I seek no ulterior motive other than simply to be the fullest
 version of myself. The truest representation of that which I feel 
 myself to be.
Being a woman is more than beauty in the external. It is more than 
 a beautiful reflection bringing pleasure to your physical senses. 
In the body.
Inside the body, inside your body, you know that you are a woman. 
The rituals, the ups and downs, the crazy emotions, the distress 
 of cycles disrupting your body. These and many things define you
 as a creative person of light. You are a creator, this is what
 it means to identify as a woman to me. 

What does It Mean To Identify as A Man?



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