Food For Thought: Trauma

Imagine a moment.

Serene happiness, you are a little child. You look around you and you see people that care about you. You see a world with bright eyes and your little heart bursts of joy.

Now imagine that moment suddenly turning into the worst moment of your life. Trauma.

Take that moment. These are one, combine them. Bright starry eyed optimism followed by a replaying loop. Constantly living that trauma on repeat.

This is our mind on trauma.

Trauma is not limited to physical blows to the head. It can go much deeper than that. It can take over your life internally, psychologically. The playing on repeat of events from the past that keep us from moving forward into the present moment.

I was inspired to write this thinking about some of my close friends who suffer from the trauma associated with not conforming. The disastrous effects of abuse, of bullying, of being shamed, and discrimination.

I imagine them being that bright starry eyed child at some point in their life. The person we would love to see, the people we love and care to see, feeling supported by their friends and family. But having to relive the painful experience of a replaying loop.

My hope is that we never give up on each other and on our friends. Especially those whose trauma prevents them from being helped. IMG_1235

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