About the blog:

This blog was created to contain all the random writing that I do. Some of this writing is journal based wisdom that is rooted in my own struggle and experience as a human being on the planet earth.

About the featured image:

All images that I show on this site have been taken by me, unless otherwise stated. If you plan to share my images please contact me first and let me know what you want to use them for.

The featured image was taken by me in a field area during one of my work days. The field area was outside of “The Badlands” in Central Oregon. The wilderness therapy company I used to work for was operating in this area of land in the late winter/early spring of 2016.

The image represents peace and serenity for me. It was out in this desolate wilderness that I finally found the courage to become my true self. This was no easy task as many of my most challenging and significant wilderness therapy shifts happened in this area — meanwhile I was struggling to grasp my own identity. I plan to write more about the topic of wilderness therapy and my experience working in this field in my blog.

About the blog name:

Thinking about the universe in 5-dimensions is something I do a lot. I’m not quite sure if my interpretation of what a 5-dimensional existence would look like is correct. Basically, my thought is that an entity in a 5-dimensional existence would be able to perceive time and space (space is 3-dimensional) at the same time. Dreams seem to be 5-dimensional in this sense because they tend to not follow the laws of time and space at all. In a dream you can totally traverse from memory to memory and re-live past experiences all withing a short span of time. Crazy.